Best Burger on Bingle

The Cowboy Burger at JR’s Bar-B-Que, 6810 Bingle, is a free-form half-pounder topped with bacon, Monterrey Jack, and mushrooms on Texas toast. At $7.50 it’s the top of the line at JR’s Bar-B-Que, which advertises the “Best Burgers on Bingle.” (If you know of a better burger on Bingle, please let us know.)

While I was attempting to photograph the sandwich, the restaurant’s manager, a young man with a blond crewcut, came outside and confronted me. “Can I ask what you’re doing?” he asked angrily.

“Taking a picture of my hamburger,” I replied. Perhaps he thought that I was engaged in some sort of industrial espionage, a digital Hamburglar, as it were, because he took out a camera of his own and took a photo of my automobile’s license plate. I have no doubt he reported me to the police. I put my burger in the car and beat a hasty retreat before things got any testier.

I highly recommend the Cowboy Burger at JR’s Bar-B-Que, but I suggest you refrain from photographing it. – Robb Walsh

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