Best Food Commercials Featuring Talented Dogs in Honor of the Reliant Park Dog Show

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The Reliant Park "World Series of Dog Shows" started Wednesday, and in honor of all those pretty pooches descending upon Houston, I decided to highlight some other handsome and talented dogs. These ones happen to be hawking everything from beer to Starburst, as opposed to being judged for their grace and beauty, but I still think they do their canine comrades proud.

Oh yeah, and obviously all of these commercials have to do with food, dog or otherwise. It was either this or I would try to create dog food recipes using my minimal knowledge of canine nutrition, so consider yourself lucky.

Here, in no particular order, are my favorite television commercials featuring two of my favorite things, dogs and food.

10. Ameriquest Mortgage Company Okay, so this isn't exactly a commercial for food, but it very much involves dogs and...um...food. And it made me both cringe and laugh out loud, and that's how I know something is funny. And gross.

9. Budweiser This is a Super Bowl commercial from several years ago, as you can probably tell by the fact that it's longer than the average commercial and Budweiser went all out for it. I only have one question: Since when are dogs obsessed with beer?

8. Doritos Apparently Doritos are so good, they'll make you do whatever your dog wants you to do. Wait, why does the dog have all those bags of Doritos again? I guess it doesn't matter. Why does Vito Corleone have all those guns? With fellas like these, you don't ask questions. Just go with it.

7. Pedigree Dentastix This is a fairly recent commercial, and anyone who watches TV regularly is probably tired of seeing it. I don't care. I laugh hysterically every time one of those pooches smiles. Which maybe defeats the purpose of the ad. I don't want to take care of my dog's teeth now, because doggie dentures are so freaking awesome.

6. Chow Bound Naturals Like the previous commercial, this is for dog food rather than human food, but it's still pretty clever. That said, I hate that dog for being so good at ping-pong. I have opposable thumbs, and I still suck. Life is so unfair.


4. Pedigree Dog Food This ad isn't particularly funny, but the slow-mo imagery of these gorgeous dogs is pretty impressive. This is more an ode to the dog show than any other commercial in this roundup. So watch it, enjoy, and then we'll move on to another ridiculous one.

3. Starburst I feel that the dialogue in this commercial could have been a lot funnier. That said, I can't stop laughing at that cute dog who just doesn't like to go with the flow. Screw you, stupid guy in the back seat. That dog is the bomb.

2. Japanese Sushi? I'm actually not sure what this is advertising. Perhaps something about getting the real thing? No fake fish? I really have no idea, but I love it.

1. Bento Kronen Light Dog Food This is definitely my favorite of the bunch, even though, as an animal-lover, I'm a bit horrified by it. In the end, the dog seems OK, though. I think. Oh God, I don't know, just watch it.

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