Tout Suite makes it hard to choose across the board.
Tout Suite makes it hard to choose across the board.
Photo by Kate McLean

Best of Houston® 2019: Best Bakery

Best Bakery: Tout Suite

Tout Suite hits hard on all levels. Its ambitious lineup of delicacies in the case are a testament to the level of skill working behind the swinging kitchen door of the industrial coffee haven located downtown — nothing short of a French patisserie. The quality of a good bakery is built on the simplicity of a croissant, because those layers don’t lie, and Tout Suite’s has them. Macarons? Got ‘em. Twenty plus flavors from traditional to unique, including fun shapes and garnishes like fruity pebbles and dried flowers. Vegans, they got you too with plenty of options on the soup-salad-sandwich heavy menu that’s served from 11 a.m. till 10:30 p.m. during the week (weekend starts at 3 p.m.) Greenway Coffee Company supplies the beans, Mill-King the dairy; both local. Housemade juices, tonics and lemonade are easy grabs on the way to the register. Oh, and they serve wine and beer—which is never a bad thing.

2001 Commerce, Houston

Readers' Choice: El Bolillo

2421 South Wayside, Houston

917 East Southmore, Pasadena

2517 Airline, Houston

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