Taste beans from around the world at BlendIn Coffee Club.
Taste beans from around the world at BlendIn Coffee Club.
Photo by Mai Pham

Best of Houston® 2019: Best Coffee

Best Coffee: BlendIn Coffee Club

Many Houstonians live and breathe by their morning cup and, these days, there’s a world of coffee joints from which to choose. BlendIn Coffee Club in Sugar Land not only imports single origin beans from across the globe, but roasts them in-house, on site. You could travel to Columbia, Ethiopia or Yemen on espressos alone. V60, Siphon, Chemex; their brewing capabilities are just as expansive as their selection. The clean, welcoming space invites patrons to crack open a book and sip on a beautifully crafted latte. Or post-up outside with an affogato.  Or simply knock back a quick machiato. If you're into coffee, this is the place to drink it.

8410 Highway 90A, Sugar Land

Readers' Choice: Boomtown Coffee
242 West 19th, Houston


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