El Big Bad's margaritas, the cure for what ails you.
El Big Bad's margaritas, the cure for what ails you.
Photo by Jesse Sendejas Jr.

Best of Houston® 2019: Best Margaritas

Best Margaritas: El Big Bad

Margaritaville, as described by Jimmy Buffett, is probably a state of mind rather than an actual place. If it were a locale with a real address, it would not be the one taken by tequila haven, El Big Bad. The persona in the song is too forlorn to be within the brightly-colored walls of this downtown Houston restaurant and bar. He's got all that time to mope over bad decisions. At El Big Bad, he’d be too busy poring over an extensive list of infused tequilas to consider his troubles.

El Big Bad's calling card is freshness, starting with the house margarita. The purveyors here know if the most basic of margaritas isn’t done well, you may not forge on to more adventurous offerings. So the house drink features fresh lemon and lime juice and agave nectar with the right amount of silver tequila. Once you level up, your choices become a virtual produce department in a glass. Blueberry, jalapeño and cilantro – they’re all there, and all in one unique sip. Other variations feature pineapple, hibiscus, strawberries, cranberries and churros (okay, not everything is from the produce aisle). The libation builders use gadgets like refractometers to ensure the perfect balance and the end result is a fresh take on margaritas in one of Houston's oldest buildings.

419 Travis, Houston

Readers' Choice: The Original Ninfa's on Navigation
2704 Navigation, Houston

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