The Grilled Ribeye Banh Mi at Roostar is magnificent.EXPAND
The Grilled Ribeye Banh Mi at Roostar is magnificent.
Photo by Mai Pham

Best of Houston® 2020: Best Banh Mi

Best Banh Mi: Roostar Vietnamese Grill

The banh mi game is very strong in Houston, which means competition can be tough. How can a place set itself apart from the rest? Does it compete on price? On bread? On fillings or condiments? Graduates of the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Ronnie and Linda Nguyen decided to compete on quality. They used family recipes to make everything, from the pickled vegetables to the pâté and the garlic mayo, from scratch. They did market research to find areas where there was a banh mi void. And it was hugely successful.

But the thing that took their sandwiches over the top? The bread. Collaborating with Slow Dough Bread Co., the Nguyens came up with a game-changing recipe for their banh mi bread. Beautifully crisp on the outside and pillowy on the inside, that bread, together with their fresh, house-prepared meats and condiments (we think the grilled ribeye is especially tasty) make their banh mi the best in town.

1411 Gessner, Houston
5551 Richmond, Houston


Readers' Choice: Roostar Vietnamese Grill

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