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Best of Houston® 2020: Best Barbecue Brisket

Tejas Chocolate+Barbecue knows how to handle brisket.
Tejas Chocolate+Barbecue knows how to handle brisket. Photo by Carlos Brandon
Best Barbecue Brisket: Tejas Chocolate+Barbecue

How, in this fine state of ours, does one win best brisket and not best overall barbecue? The short answer is the margin of selection between Blood Bros. and Tejas Barbecue was razor thin. In the end, innovation and menu variety lifted the former above Tejas by a only a hair. Having said that, there is no slice of brisket in the greater Houston area capable of besting the fine folks at Tejas Chocolate+Barbecue. In fact, with respect to the great Aaron Franklin, on the right day, there may not be a better slice in the entire state.

Using USDA prime beef (an upgrade from his original choice grade selections) pitmaster Scott Moore crafts an impossibly tender, unctuous cut of brisket that's coated in a thick, peppery bark as black as the midnight sky. While some foolhardy traditionalists scoff at the mere thought of sauce on brisket, such rigid curmudgeons would do well to drizzle a dash of Greg Moore's original mole barbecue sauce on their Tejas brisket. Made from scratch with Tejas house-made dark chocolate, the sauce is nothing short of a culinary revelation. Like it or not, it elevates an already world-class brisket to levels unrivaled by any local competitors.

200 North Elm, Tomball
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