Two perfect cappuccinos at BlendIn Coffee Club.EXPAND
Two perfect cappuccinos at BlendIn Coffee Club.
Photo by Mai Pham

Best of Houston® 2020: Best Coffee

Best Coffee: BlendIn Coffee Club

On the surface, BlendIn Coffee Club is just a cool coffee shop. The all-white interiors and cool contemporary design are fashionable and stylish, a great gathering place if you want to escape the world of corporate coffee. But look a little deeper, and BlendIn is so much more: It’s the kind of place you go when you want to learn about coffee, when you want to taste limited edition, rare coffees, and when you care about where your coffee comes from.

BlendIn specializes in coffee from “tree-to-cup.” Owner Weihong Zhang travels the world to source the highest quality single origin beans, shipping them directly to his Sugar Land facility, where they are roasted on site. Choose the coffee bean with the taste profile of your liking, select a brewing method—espresso, ibrik, AeroPress, V60, Mocha Pot, or Chemex—and then let the baristas do their magic. The resulting brew will be as perfect as their competition-worthy latte art.

8410 US-90 Alt Bldg B, Sugar Land

Readers' Choice: Blacksmith
1018 Westheimer, Houston

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