Those crisp, melty chocolate croissants aren't going to eat themselves.
Those crisp, melty chocolate croissants aren't going to eat themselves.
Photo by Kate McLean

Best Of Houston® 2020: Best French Bakery

Best French Bakery: Magnol French Baking

Top-tier French technique is alive and well in the Branch as expertly laminated butter translates into croissants curled in perfection with only the best, Valrhona chocolate, oozing from some. (Mid-day is a good time to catch them fresh from the oven.) Trained in the houses of Ducasse, Robuchon and Bocuse, Otto Sanchez and Matthieu Cabon, the pastry chef/baker duo behind newly opened Magnol French Baking, have Houstonians licking their lips—and planning second trips.

The space is as clean and precise as a bread knife slicing through a perfectly rectangular loaf of darkened brioche crust amidst a cushy, blond interior. For the most part, the kitchen is naturally quiet due to years of disciplined work ethic, except for perhaps the crackling whispers of seeded baguettes fresh from the deck oven.

Water temperature regulated with a Baktec water chiller, Panimatic proofers, and King Arthur organic flour milled in Texas are the gas to this sleek new ride that just rolled onto the scene. Seasonal fruit tarts are an easy take-away sure to impress friends, family—or maybe you were good today and deserve a ‘lil treat.

1500 North Post Oak, Houston


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