Oh My GAWD, it's so good.
Oh My GAWD, it's so good.
Photo by Jeff Balke

Best Of Houston® 2020: Best Indian Food

Best Indian Food: Himalaya Restaurant

When 50 Cent sang, “I’ll take ya to the candy shop,” what he meant was “Let’s get Indian,” pointing at Himalaya. Well-harnessed spice springs from every bowl and platter gifting guests with the ceremonial taste-bud wake-up call that only a trip to the Mahatma Gandhi District can prompt. When ordering, put yourself in the hands of owners Azra and Kaiser Lashkari, and when that special fried chicken is available—be sure to board the train.

Garlicky, buttered naan facilitates bites here, there, everywhere and their special, bottled magic mustard sauce checks boxes you didn’t know you had. There are fantastic interpretations that stay in one lane, or perhaps today is the day you try goat–done so many ways it needs a phone book. And BYOB makes it fun to break out the Riesling.

6652 Southwest Fwy, Houston

Readers' Choice: Himalaya Restaurant

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