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Best Of Houston® 2020: Best Mexican Bakery

Every Houstonian needs to experience a trip to El Bolillo Bakery.
Every Houstonian needs to experience a trip to El Bolillo Bakery. Photo by Kate McLean
Best Mexican Bakery: El Bolillo Bakery

The El Bolillo Bakery is like a fantasy world that’s open 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. six days a week and is never not full and is always fresh-baked. Speed racks and shelves of colorful conchas y empanadas y galletas y so many baked delights it’s like all those pencil-thin models out there can take their romaine and shove it, for real.

Tres leches by the slice, but come on, you could probably finish a whole cake if you really tried. Speaking of, cakes are on the ready for pickup or can be ordered ahead of time for special occasions like quinceañeras, or weddings, or bachelorette parties.

Crisp, doughy churros. Thick slices of buttered bread with a clean coat of sugar glinting from the fluorescent light bulbs overhead. Pan for tortas and sacks of bolillos line the walls as if decoration—but no, ‘twould be a waste. Tortillas so fresh the bag is fogged with steam. El Bolillo has plenty of queso fresco and crema on hand too. And if you’re feeling a little guilty about the quantity of baked goods accumulating on the tray, there are small baskets of fruit strategically placed throughout the store. As if.

2517 Airline, Houston
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