Spicy Miso Ramen at Tiger Den.EXPAND
Spicy Miso Ramen at Tiger Den.
Photo by Mai Pham

Best of Houston® 2020: Best Ramen

Best Ramen: Tiger Den

The ramen craze may have peaked in 2013, but Houstonians still love their noodles. And Tiger Den, one of the first bona fide ramen shops to open in Houston, still manages to stay at the top of its game. Part of it is definitely the vibe. When you step inside the restaurant to see patrons happily slurping their noodles, you want to join in.

But the thing that people will come back and wait in line for is the quality and consistency. Whether you order the tonkotsu ramen, the black garlic ramen, the spicy miso ramen, or the tan tan men, the 24-broth will always be rich and soul-warming, the house-made noodles will be snappy and elastic, and the price will always be lower than what you’d expect to pay. The fact that they also offer a killer robata menu —take a walk on the wild side and try the pork jowl or the beef tongue — is just icing on the cake.

9889 Bellaire, Houston


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Multiple Locations

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