Wanna Bao's soup dumplings are piping hot, flavorful soup-y perfection.EXPAND
Wanna Bao's soup dumplings are piping hot, flavorful soup-y perfection.
Photo by Mai Pham

Best of Houston® 2020: Best Soup Dumplings

Best Soup Dumplings: Wanna Bao

How do you measure the greatness of a xiao long bao soup dumpling? The dumpling wrapper should be hand rolled and made fresh. It should be as thin as possible, but elastic enough to hold the goodness inside without breaking when you lift it. The filling should include a flavorful packet of pork submerged in a good amount of soup. Everything should be made to order and steamed to the perfect doneness, arriving at the table so piping hot that you might scald your tongue on the liquid inside if you try to eat it too quickly. On all fronts, Wanna Bao, the Midtown Chinese restaurant by first-time restaurateurs and former petroleum engineers Dean and Grace Dee, delivers, so just make sure you order enough to satisfy the table. One order comes with just six perfectly formed dumplings, so plan accordingly.

2708 Bagby, Houston

Readers' Choice: Wanna Bao

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