At Best Sushi winner MF Sushi, chef Chris Kinjo prepares sushi for an omakase dinner.EXPAND
At Best Sushi winner MF Sushi, chef Chris Kinjo prepares sushi for an omakase dinner.
Photo by Mai Pham

Best of Houston® 2020: Best Sushi

Best Sushi: MF Sushi

Tuesday nights are hopping at MF Sushi in the Museum District. But then again, so are Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The reason? Compared to other sushi restaurants in Houston, the quality and style of MF is said to be the closest you can get to Japan. Shipments get flown in from Japan several times a week, with nothing but the freshest, highest quality you can find.

For the best experience, however, nothing beats a seat at the sushi bar. Offered just four days a week and limited to just 10 to 12 seats per night, it’s there that MF owner and sushi chef, Chris Kinjo, delivers an omakase (chef’s tasting) that is on par with the best in the country. His sushi rice is a study in perfection, and his knife skills are a joy to watch. Combine that with his pursuit of sushi perfection—he is continually honing his craft and is meticulous about everything, from the type and amount of seasoning he uses to crafting each nigiri sushi with the optimal ratio of rice to fish—and you’ve got the best sushi experience in Houston, period.

1401 Binz, Houston

Readers' Choice: Kata Robata
3600 Kirby, Houston

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