Photos by Robb Walsh
Memo with 2 Angus sirloin tacos

Best Taco Truck in the City?

Go get an Angus sirloin taco at the Jarro taco trailer, slather it with your choice of five awesome salsas, smother it with pickled onions, and tell me whether or not this is the best taco truck in the city. If you're still undecided after the steak taco, try a taco al pastor with a little pineapple, or a cochinta piblil taco with purple onion salsa.

The trailer is kept in spotless condition and the salsa bar on the front ledge is restocked constantly so it's always fresh. You'll find the trailer parked in front of Jarro Cafe at 1521 Gessner, a few blocks north of Longpoint.

Memo Pi�edo did so well with the trailer that he opened a restaurant. But, to his amazement, his loyal following kept eating at the taco truck instead of coming inside. The trailer still has as many customers as the cafe.

Jarro's sensational salsa bar

"Lots of workers don't want to clean up and sit down in a restaurant, they just want to grab a taco and eat it standing up," he says. The tacos are also 25 cents cheaper outside.

"It's my drive-through window," Memo says.

This is the Taco Truck Gourmet's final posting. Adios, taco truck fans--it's been fun! -- Robb Walsh

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