Best Thing I Ever Ate: Chicken Sandwich

I've been exploring the Best Things I Ever Ate around town, from French fries like Harry's feta-topped version to dips like Beaver's barbecue brisket loaded Smoky Queso.

This time, I've stumbled upon the city's best Chicken Sandwich at none other than the convenience store-turned-neighborhood gem: Lankford Grocery & Market.

Open for more than 73 years, the place is an institution in and of itself. And while it's the juicy burgers that are generally the talk of the town, it's the Chicken Sliders that really stole my heart.

We had gone for the burgers, of course. But as I strolled up to the cherry-red picnic tables and ran into a friend of mine struggling to take down the Firehouse Burger (mental note: ask for the habanero sauce on the side), I had a change of heart. Besides, I could always sneak a few bites of my fiancé's monstrous burger anyway.

I couldn't have been happier when my Country Time Lemonade and greasy mini Chicken Sandwiches were placed before me.

Now, trust me. When I say greasy, I mean greasy...and in the best possible way.

The sweet, grilled buns are as buttery and crisp on the inside as they are soft and glistening with oil on their tops. Perfectly seasoned, golden-brown fried chicken patties are stuffed into the bread, bursting with juiciness in each and every bite.

The thick slivers of fried onions that top the sandwiches pick up the lingering flavors from grill pans, and the thinly sliced sweet, sour and buttery pickles round out the sandwich. There were rumors of the house dressing, a creamy cilantro jalapeño sauce, accompanying the piece. I couldn't quite pick it out, but if it was there, it blended well with the other players.

But no matter. In the end, it's the perfect amount of grease and flavor that makes these sliders the best Chicken Sandwich in town. Have you tried them? Who do you think makes the best chicken sandwich around?

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