Beware the Chupacabra!

We know Craig Hlavaty swears by the Mummy at Ray's Franks at the corner of Richey and Nance on the East End of downtown. But we stand firmly behind the deep-fried Chupacabra, a chili dog topped with goat cheese and jalapeños. Ray will make your dog any way you want it -- get it topped with jalapeño scissor sticks and curry ketchup.

Ordering the Chupacabra is only a good idea if you have time to actually eat it at Ray's, because after 15 minutes, the deep-fried dog isn't nearly as enjoyable. The fried jalapeño strings, or "scissor-sticks" as they're called here, add a spicy extra crunch and crispy crunchy texture sure to please. And the spicy jalapeño slices meld with the goat cheese tremendously well. It all comes together to create an amazing dog.

We have a feeling that this is only the beginning for this mom and establishment. We've noticed that this family has that special work ethic that can only come from owning your own business. This little hot dog bar makes us hopeful that other aspiring entrepreneurs will take the reins and give this town more independent places to call our own. We'd love to see this as the first of many Ray's Franks in Houston.

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