Beyond Brunch: Canopy Shines After 5 p.m.

While many restaurants are particularly pleasant during certain times of the day, Canopy has, I think, been unnecessarily designated as "best for brunch" by many Houstonians, including, at one point, myself. I am definitely a fan of their sweet and savory morning fare, especially the challah french toast, but a less-than-stellar experience there for a private department party did not have me jonesin' to make a second evening visit. Looking back, this disinclination stemmed more from the fact that I associated the restaurant with awkward encounters with other graduate students rather than the dinner fare.

My schedule has been erratic lately, and thus I find myself eating at odd times of the day. In between running errands late one afternoon this past week I realized had nothing in my fridge save a vat of over-fermented kimchi, so I best pick up some supper before returning to work.

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Joanna O'Leary