Big British Burger at Baker Street

Baker Street Pub and Grill (5510 Morningside) is right across the street from the place where I work. I often go there on breaks and drink. There's a decent happy hour there, with beers and shots that are like two dollars and fifty cents each. That's why I go there -- not for the food.

Occasionally while I am sitting there instead of working, I get hungry and look at the menu. I recently noticed they had added a couple new items . One was the Big British Burger, a cheeseburger with bacon, fried onions and a fried egg. That's what I said! Hell, yes. I had to order it.

This greasy monstrosity was a mile-high cholesterol-laden killer. The meat was juicy, the onions were crispy, there was plenty of cheese, and the bacon wasn't chewy. The bun was fresh and held up to the ingredients. I ate the whole thing, along with three beers and two shots. Well, time to go back to work...

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