Big Thicket Burger

Last week, I tried a Dippity’s double meat, double cheese on a fresh baked bun with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mayo, mustard and jalapeños. It was pretty impressive. Great onion rings too. The fresh-ground hand-formed beef patties weighed five and half ounces each, so a double was eleven ounces. They also had a novelty burger called a Texas Tummy Tackler that weighed more than a pound. I find it difficult to order anything with a name that goofy.

Dippity’s is located on South Main in the Big Thicket town of Lumberton about 15 minutes north of Beaumont. Evidently this old Texas hamburger joint was originally housed in a humble shack across the street from its current location. The new digs are kind of empty and antiseptic. The burger was excellent, but I wonder if it used to be better at the old place.

I went out of my way to visit Dippity’s because of a reader comment I got after my review of the 105 Grocery & Deli in Washington, titled “Best Burger in Texas?

There were lots of suggestions offered by readers, but none more persuasive than this one from Donnie Courville in Beaumont: “Probably got a million e-mails like this one I know..but, if youre a burger lover like me then I push you to try what I think is a hidden gem in the Southeast Texas town of Lumberton. Place is called Dippity's. Was an old donut shop that made burgers during the lunch and dinner hour....the donut business was not working.....the burgers were banging so they stuck with that. They homemake the bread and the meat is ground too.....thats as about fancy as it gets...this classic. I've tried all the buger joints mentioned in your article except the 105 place...none even come close to Dippity's. It even made the top 5 best burgers in the state according to Texas Highways.....do yourself a favor and jam on one of these. Everyone that has tried it has made it the measure for what a burger should be…”

Thanks for the recommendation Donnie, I’m glad I tried Dippity’s. Now you go eat a burger at 105 Grocery & Deli in Washington and tell me how you think it compares. -- Robb Walsh

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