BK Fire-Grilled Ribs

Ah, Burger King, known as much for gimmicks, rebranding and image-tinkering as much as the Whopper. Does anyone remember table service and BK TeeVee hosted by Dan Cortese? I'll take the shrimp basket with a baked potato and some coleslaw with popcorn. Can you include stabbing stomach pains and regret on the side?

Burger King didn't have ribs back in the mid-'90s, but it does now: BK Fire-Grilled Ribs, to be exact. The King is test-marketing them this summer as part of the launch of its new and improved broiler system, and if you're lucky, maybe even Dan Cortese will actually serve them to you. If you don't see him working there, you can always follow him on Twitter @dancortese1.

The Fire-Grilled Ribs value meal costs $6.48, and going in, to say I was skeptical would be a huge understatement. When I opened the black box, I found six bone-in half ribs (riblets perhaps?) with a strong smoke-ish smell that wasn't unpleasant, necessarily, but a little puzzling. As was the taste. Four of the ribs were a little too Fire-Grilled, but biting into the less done ones wasn't revolting. They actually were fairly juicy and tender and not overly fatty. While the official press release claims the ribs are, "fall off the bone," there was actually some pull to the meat, which is probably better. Salt and smoke-ish taste dominated. The standard BK Barbeque sauce was served on the side, and I used both mini-tubs.

After eating them I don't have anything really awful to say and in a rib-related pinch, I guess I could fathom eating them again. They are certainly better than anything at Crapplebee's or anything Dan Cortese is doing these days.

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