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Blacksmith Warms Up January With Evening Pop-Ups and Coffee Classes

After an eight-month hiatus, the popular Blacksmith By Night series is returning on Sunday, January 17 with an event to benefit a children's charity. The a la carte menu has been created by guest chef David Cordúa. One of the most fun aspects of Blacksmith By Night is seeing how chefs will approach a smaller venue. Additionally, it gives them an opportunity to create food that's different than what's on the menu at their home restaurants.

That's indeed the case with Cordúa's menu. He's well-known for the Cordúa family-owned restaurants Americas, Churrascos and Amazon Grill, but he's breaking away from routine with dishes like Chicken Tikka Tamales and Lamb Anticuchos. The baristas of Blacksmith will create drinks to compliment Cordúa's creativity. 

Dishes are purchased a la carte, with most $10 or less. As with all Blacksmith by Night, guests are welcome to BYOB. Proceeds will benefit Fundacion Juventud Lider, a Colombia-based charity with ties in Houston. Araya Chocolate is making sure guests with a sweet tooth don’t leave disappointed. The full menu is below. The fun starts at 5:01 p.m. and diners are strongly encouraged to be on-time. The Blacksmith By Night events historically sell out of food, with popular dishes gone in as little as an hour. Usually by 8 p.m., it's a complete sell-out. 

January is going to be a busy month at Blacksmith. The following day, the Montrose coffee shop also embarks on a new coffee education series. John LeToto, the respected barista who moved to Houston when Blacksmith first opened, is the instructor. He’s been behind the espresso bar less as of late because he’s been working on one of the most important aspects—roasting the Greenway Coffee beans used at Blacksmith.

The first class on Latte Are is already sold out but another has been added. That’s in addition to these three classes: Brewing 100: Learning About Brewing, Espresso 200: More About Espresso, Brewing 200: More About Brewing and Latte Art 100. Classes begin at 7 p.m. on Fridays. More details are available at Blacksmith’s web site.
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Phaedra Cook
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