Blu-Blooded and Tasty: High Flame Wok Lobster at Blu

Look at that picture. Just look at it! It's a presentation so awe-inspiring it created a genuine hallelujah moment for me. Yes, it might just be a glistening cockroach...err, lobster...on a plate, but never did lobster look so damn good. Sticking up. Staring straight at me.

I was mortified and mesmerized. And, of course, I devoured the whole thing.

Blu Restaurant and Lounge signed, sealed and delivered a Restaurant Week dish better than all my cuisine expectations.

I'm not usually one who prefers animals presented whole and insect-like for dinner. With its antennas afloat gallantly up in the air, the lobster caused me to cringe a bit.

But all my pro-vegetarian, animal-cruelty guilt evaporated when that succulent lobster appeared in front of me.

As waiters presented the High Flame Wok Lobster, an astonished gasp silenced the chitter chatter at our table. I didn't know if I should admire it like masterpiece art or eat it. So I did both.

With my teeny, tiny fork, I clawed into the creature. What started off in murky waters at the bottom of an ocean ended up this night stir-fried in sake, black bean, garlic sauce and shimmering red. The highly prized crustacean tasted fresh, juicy and light, and all the more mouthwatering and savory floating in perfectly seasoned East Asian spices.

What was to be a lighthearted happy hour in the 'burbs culminated in a culinary seafood extravaganza straight from the cultivated kitchen of Chef Jett Hurapan. Belly-filled and mind in bliss, I still fondly remember my little friend from the ocean.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.