Blueberry Hill

Blueberry Hill on West Alabama and Kirby silently opened a few months ago, and we haven't heard much about this frozen yogurt store.

We spoke with the owner, who told us the idea behind Blueberry Hill is to get the yogurt directly from one farming co-op -- this one being somewhere in Arkansas. They order by the truckload, so it is all made especially for Blueberry Hill and cannot be purchased from another retailer. The owner said that this was to provide more control of the product. Blueberry Hill wants to offer the highest quality yogurt with all the nutritional value still intact.

We decided to head over and try for ourselves. This is not self-serve like the new clones of clones of fro-yo chains popping up everywhere. There was a yogurt bartender to take our orders, add toppings, and ring us up. Selection was limited to plain, blueberry (a staple), green tea, and pomegranate/ raspberry. We opted for blueberry, and the flavor was definitely closer to the yogurt we buy at the grocery store than to ice cream. It seemed a little sweet to us, but as long as they leave the corn syrup out, we were fine with it - and with having it by itself, without any toppings. Check the place out for yourself and let us know your input on this boutique yogurt concept.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.