Bountiful Bargains at Randalls Discount Rack

Almost every time I enter a clothing store, I head first to the sale rack. Why pay full price when there are bargains to be had? Up until recently, I didn't replicate this pattern of behavior in supermarkets, where the discounts are dispersed throughout the store (or so I thought).

Not so much at Randalls. It offers recurring deals on hundreds of items, but really slashes the prices on a hodgepodge of out-of-season-but-still-fresh, random-yet-remarkable products on two prominently displayed ranks just south of the dairy cases. Similar "extreme" discount sections can be found at other supermarket chains (H-E-B, Kroger, etc.), but the Randalls section is by far the most appealing in terms of both price and diversity.

Sure, there are occasionally suspect cans of vegetables and bags of rice set to expire, um, tomorrow. In large part, however, the goods are respectable staples or desirable dainties that have been banished from the main shelves because of overstock or temporal irrelevancy (e.g., pink and white heart sprinkles after February 14). There are things you need but more often things you wanted but didn't buy the first time around because your bank account could stand a week's worth of vegetables or hot chocolate cupcake mix. Not both.

With some patience and luck, you may get a second shot at Randalls. Case in point: Recently I picked up a Libby's pumpkin loaf kit (evaporated milk included!) that I had lusted after in November and some water enhancers, which I will most definitely not use at a restaurant.

What is perhaps most appealing about buying off the discount rack is the thought of "saving" a perfectly good product from being wasted, or worse, thrown out because its heyday has passed. #ridiculouswhitepersoncharity, I know, but, well, I can't rescue a puppy every day.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.