Bourdain Is Back

No Reservations is back. The ever-loquacious Anthony Bourdain visited Chile, skipping from Santiago to wine country, the coast and Patagonia, sampling food, waxing poetic and keeping it real the entire time.

Here is a recap of the delicious Chilean cuisine and Bourdain-isms from last night's episode:

Bourdain began his belly-busting at Fuente Alemana, a restaurant reflecting the German influence in Chile, where he was able to enjoy the "heaping pile of pork and avocado" known as the lomito.

For his post pork-bomb pick-me-up, Bourdain and his traveling companion arrived at Café Caribe for the café con pierna, or "coffee with legs." The coffee was served by pretty ladies in snug dresses.

Bourdain-ism: "A little fetishism with your coffee? No, thank you."

At El Hoyo, Anthony got his first taste of the terremoto, white wine mixed with pineapple ice cream, which, had we known about it, would have gone on our Top 5 Summer Drinks list. His beverage came with pernil con papas, a leg of pork simmered in brine until it was falling off the bone, arrollado, cured pork wrapped in pig skin, and a blood sausage that he happily mashed with his potatoes.

Bourdain-ism: "Andrew Zimmern is going to look like a svelte ballerina when I roll out of here."

Anthony then traveled to the largest wine region in the country to experience the rodeo, Chile's second favorite sport after soccer. At the finest food stands we've ever seen, he swirled his glass of red wine, munched cubes of tender, braised brisket, and sliced into beef ribs in Carménère sauce.

Because all television of note features a man devouring a foot-long hot dog, Bourdain attempted this with only a few phallus jokes.

At Bar La Playa, a 100-year-old sailor bar, Bourdain drank a pisco sour, a frothy Chilean cocktail of pisco, lime, egg whites and bitters.

Bourdain-ism: If Bourdain drank this with the sailors 100 years ago, he "would end up dead in an alley dressed in women's clothes. Next time, I'll have a beer."

Once on the coast, Bourdain donned a sweater and snacked on small treats handed to him by shellfish vendors. He finished the episode at Donde El Gordito, noshing on fish topped with king crab and cognac cream sauce and discussing the practical necessity of sustainable fish farming.

We're glad new episodes of No Reservations are back to expose us to the culinary treasures out there for travelers (CBGB shirts or no), as well as the fascinating inner life of its host. Coming episodes include Melbourne, The Rust Belt, "On the Street," San Francisco, Thailand, Rockies, "Burning Questions," New York Outer Boroughs, and Sardinia.

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