Breakfast of Champions at Teotihuacan

It's late in the morning, and I am hungover and hungry. I call up a friend, and she suggests Teotihuacan. I can't even say that, but I agree because I am nearing death. She scoops me up, and before I know it we are on Airline and parking. I have been here before, my mind tells me, but not this early. I slither into a booth and order a michelada with Tecate.

I squint at the menu and see something that looks like it could save me: Huevos Con Chuletas for $7.99, three eggs cooked sunny side up with salsa ranchera on top, two pork chops, refried beans, a tamale, roasted potatoes and handmade tortillas.

When it arrives, I break open the egg yolks, and they mix with the salsa, forming an orange mole-like sauce. I scoop this up with the tamale and chase it with a big hunk of grilled pork. The beans are creamy. This is just the thing to bring me back from the dead. Not only does the Huevos Con Chuletas help me to regain my composure - it lifts my spirits. Suddenly I have feel like I can survive another day in this insidious concrete-jungle heat.

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