Breaking Breakfast: Burger King Bacon Gouda Sandwich

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day by a factor of about a million. I used to be one of those "I can't eat first thing in the morning" people, but I trained myself to be a breakfast eater (it's so much healthier, you guys -- seriously) and now I could never go back.

Not only do I love breakfast, I love to eat fast food for breakfast as opposed to lunch or dinner. I've said it before, but breakfast is the best meal of the day to pig out and eat the calorie bomb -- you have all day to burn it off!

So when I saw Burger King had added a Bacon Gouda sandwich -- on a muffin or biscuit -- to their breakfast menu, I was up bright and early on Sunday morning to check it out.

I liked the look of the Bacon Gouda muffin right away. I opted for the muffin over the biscuit and chose bacon (the other options are ham or sausage). You can also get a no-egg option, according to the BK Web site, but meat-on-a-muffin? Not for me.

In the course of my life, I have rarely described any breakfast sandwich as "shocking" or "surprising" -- maybe not ever. But frankly, the BK Bacon Gouda sandwich did shock me. It was not what I was expecting, and you can blame the "tasty herb spread" that is "nestled inside a warm English muffin." This tasty herb spread? It's all you can taste.

The spread overwhelms the egg, the cheese, the bacon and the muffin. It's so pervasive, so overpowering, that the rest of the universe falls away in a salty, herbaceous slick of condiment. So while it's true that the egg is very fluffy, the cheese quite gooey and warm, and the muffin crispy and comforting, none of that can possibly register under the sheer weight and heft of the "tasty herb spread" swiped across the bottom of the muffin.

I tried tasting the individual components of the sandwich, but the first bite of herb spread completely wiped out my taste buds. I see what BK was going for here, but it's with a heavy heart that I must advise you to skip this sandwich -- unless onion-y herbal wad on bread is your ideal breakfast. In which case, go for it.

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