Brew Blog: Mississippi Mud

We went for the price, really, and the unique bottle, but we wound up pleased with the taste.

Yes, the bottle was hokey, as was the name -- Mississippi Mud -- but it was $2.99 for a quart at Central Market, and we were in an impulsive mood.

Several things about this beer didn't (and don't) add up. First, its manufacturer, Mississippi Brewing Co., is based in Utica, New York. We were also surprised to see that a name like Mississippi Mud would be applied to a black and tan -- a porter and pilsner mix, in this case -- which is a centuries-old English tradition, not something particularly tied to the South.

But regardless of those questions, we were happy we picked this up, certainly for the price. (Had it been $6 or more, we might have been griping to you about it).

This was a light, nimble beer, and it went down smooth, cool and clean. The finish was quick and crisp.

All those adjectives could fit a pretty substandard beer, though (except maybe "smooth"), and this wasn't substandard. There was some character to this stuff -- a bit of body, a bit of malt, some evident roast, all of them with a fairly delicate, unassuming presence. The porter ingredient of this on its own would surely be pretty mild.

This beer is admittedly something of a marketing gimmick. But its most crucial attribute was something it lacked -- a cheap lager aftertaste. That just never showed up, and it kept us taking gulp after gulp contentedly.

Each sip was the same, with no complex shifting of flavors in the mouth. But not every beer needs to do that. This is simple, and worth $2.99. If you're in the mood, go for it.

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