Brew Blog: Samuel Smith's Organic Cider and Crepes

Rarely do we let sale prices dictate our beer samples, but we were recently taken in by a discount on Samuel Smith's organic cider at Central Market. We decided to pair up the light beverage with a similarly light dinner of vegetable crepes for your consideration. Admittedly we lost the receipt and can't pass on the price ($3.99 for a 550 milliliter bottle, if memory serves), but that's not as important as flavor, right? Right.

First, the crepes:

Mix ¾ cup flour and a pinch of salt. Add a beaten egg and 1 ¼ cups milk. Cover a frying pan with an eighth of the batter and rotate the pan to coat the bottom evenly. Cook 2 minutes on one side, 1 minute on the other. Pretty simple.

We combined Jarlsberg, zucchini and portabella for the filling, which was a strong combo. The crepes, cooked by a friend, came out perfectly, pillowy soft, with the vegetables nice and firm by contrast. The thick cheese texture completed each bite with a building, subtle flavor.

And the cider?

Sharp and sour, tinged with sweet, it was a better version of the thin, saccharine-like finish prevalent in its more common cousins.

As a pairing, the two worked well. The transition from a bite of crepe to a sip of cider was a bit sharp, but was always pleasant on the way back, from sour to the subtle richness of the food. Both were light, airy.

The crisp cider wiped the slate clean with each gulp, letting all the flavors repeat themselves with each bite. The bitterness of the cheese also was cut a bit with each sip. There were bites when we regretted the sourness of the cider, but in general we were happy with this pairing. Too lazy to cook them yourself?

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