Brew Blog: Victoria Beer Comes to Houston

Last week a buddy of ours who lived in Mexico for a while (and did a fair amount of drinking there) excitedly spotted a billboard for Victoria beer, which he demanded we immediately try to find.

Apparently the king on the label is holding something our friend thinks resembles an ice cream cone.

Regardless, the brew, which its distributor is spinning as a central tenant of Mexican culture (we can't speak to that; if you can, add a comment), has now been on the shelves at Spec's and the major grocers for a week. "Just in time for the holidays," its distributor Crown Imports trumpeted, apparently unaware that the dead of summer might have been a better clime in which to introduce a light lager.

Still, the beer has been produced in Mexico since 1865, and heritage like that is worth respecting, and certainly worth trying at least once. Victoria made its U.S. debut in Chicago earlier this year and before that was available only south of the border.

Crown Imports labels the beer a "Vienna-style lager beer that combines a unique copper color with a perfectly balanced taste and a smooth, crisp finish." The folks at BeerAdvocate give it a C+, though basic lagers don't get a lot of love over there.

Let us know what you think.

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