After the obligatory family Memorial Day barbecue, I met up with my nephew Matt and his beau David for a nightcap at Brian O'Neill's Irish Pub (5555 Morningside, 713-522-2603). After a few beers, I decided to the leave the lovebirds on the deck and chat up the Irish lads at the bar, but much to my chagrin, all were occupied. So I started a conversation with a charming lass instead, and before I knew it we were arguing about politics. I discussed why Obama would be the Democratic nominee and our next president, while she argued that Hillary would go all the way. The chat quickly went downhill, with words like "bullshit" and phrases like "Are you fucking crazy?" thrown in. But before it came to a good ol' cat fight, we both realized we personified this election. What world do we live in when Democrats are arguing instead of uniting to defeat the evil Republicans? We called a truce and ordered up some Irish Car Bombs — shots poured in glasses of Guinness — and, after a couple, we were BFF.

4 ounces Guinness

1 ounce Jameson Irish whiskey

1 ounce Baileys Irish Cream liqueur

Mix Jameson and Baileys into a shot glass. Drop shot glass into glass of Guinness. Drink up and vote.

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Debbylou Mountjoy