Brunch At Anvil

Brunch At Anvil

Edited: This article has been revised as a result of misinformation received by The Houston Press.

Although Anvil Bar & Refuge hasn't started serving brunch quite yet, one thing's for sure: The mimosas are going to be damn good.

Starting this Sunday, May 16, Anvil will be serving a Sunday brunch from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. While details of the actual menu are still being sketched out, the initial offerings sound intriguing, and not just because they're being served up in a bar.

Items you can expect to see on the menu include a "12 O'clock Pizza" topped with eggs and bacon, Curried Eggs Anvil-Style, an assortment of housemade muffins and "Killer Good Hummus," among others. And, as befitting the bar's primary focus, they've promised an "inventive cocktail menu," which we're hoping includes the Bloody Mary with smoked ice that Huegel made for last year's Michelada & Bloody Mary Throwdown. David Buehrer of Tuscany Coffee will be serving up delicious caffeinated beverages at the brunch.

Get ready to see Anvil in broad daylight for perhaps the first time ever this weekend. And don't forget to bring an appetite.

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