Brunch at Gratifi: It's All About the Tots, Baby

I've been on a chicken kick recently; a chicken sandwich kick, to be more accurate. So when friends and I grabbed brunch at Gratifi (pronounced gratify), the quaint and colorful kitchen and bar formerly known as Ziggy's Healthy Grill, I went with The Bobblehead ($9), their barbecue chicken sandwich, naturally.

Even more naturally, I added sweet potato tots for an extra 50 cents. Because when there are sweet potato tots on the menu, you do whatever it takes.

I had planned on eating only half the sandwich because I "wasn't that hungry," as I claimed to my friends. But when a fiery, slightly sweet barbecue sauce-coated, pepper jack cheese-smothered, sliced jalapeño-studded grilled chicken sandwich was set before me, I devoured the entire thing...naturally.

Before I moved to Houston, I wasn't that into jalapeños -- a crazy fact considering I'm now a fanatic. They were perfect on my sandwich. But the star of the show was really the tots.

The shredded potato creations are like your Bubby's famous potato latkes, only sweeter, spicier and much plumper. And just like Bubby's, they are made fresh in house. These things are fantastic -- crisp as all hell on the outside, with delicate, colorful strings of sweet potato almost mashed together on the inside. I asked for some extra barbecue sauce to dip them in and even threw one on my sandwich, because, why not?

My friends were pleased with the flavor of their matching "The Fancy" burgers ($10.50), topped with a healthy smattering of blue cheese crumbles, sweet caramelized onions, peppery arugula, and sweet and spicy honey pepper bacon.

The half-inch-thick angus patty itself, however, was a bit too small for their liking, at least for the price. It looked almost sad in the large, eggy bun it was housed in.

Luckily, crisp wisps of fried onion and crunchy, fresh-cut Idaho fries helped to hold the boys over.

We washed down our meals with a few hibiscus mimosas and bacon-adorned, pepperoncini-spiked Flamin' Mary's, decidedly the only real "brunchy" thing about our brunch.

That was just fine by me.

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