Photos by Robb Walsh
"Amigos": Conveniently located in front of the Renwick Washateria

Buen Sandwich "Amigo"

The "Tacos El Amigo" truck is parked at the northwest corner of Renwick and Dashwood in front of the Renwick Washateria. Do�a Maria is the head chef and her food is "todo estilo Mexico" according to her card. The torta is the thing to eat here.

Tell them the taco truck gourmet sent you.

Do�a Maria's special genius shines in the creation she calls the "torta Cubana." A regular Cuban sandwich is slices of roast pork, ham and cheese on a sandwich roll, heated in a sandwich press until the cheese is gooey and the sandwich is quite flat. But the torta Cubana "estilo Mexico" served at the Tacos El Amigo truck transcends the standard version. It is made with fajita meat, ham, a hot dog cut into lengthwise sections, cheese, lettuce tomato, and lots of guacamole with hot sauce on the side. Don't miss it!

Torta Cubano, $5.25.

The rest of the menu is iffy. The tacos are plain. The gordita is a bad joke. A gordita is a supposed to be a round of masa fried until a pocket forms in the middle. One end of the fried corn dough pillow is then cut off and the interior is stuffed with your choice of delicacies and dressed with lettuce and tomato. At the Tacos El Amigo truck, a gordita is two flat corn tortillas with some filling in between and the lettuce and tomato piled on top. Ridiculous!

Thank goodness for the Mexican Cuban sandwich. As long as you're there, you might as well buy three or four. -- Robb Walsh

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