Buffalo and Turkey Burgers Make Successful Debut At Skeeter's Mesquite Grill

Last time I attempted to go to Skeeter's Mesquite Grill for a burger I was sidelined by a case of food poisoning. History did not repeat itself, thank goodness, and a few weeks later I was able to try their new Anniversary Burger.

What made me most recently return to Skeeter's was the opportunity to catch up with an old friend and, I have to admit, a craving for their $3 frozen margarita, which, btw, is most definitely not made with white wine. (Trust me, only real tequila could make me that happy.) I would have gladly gotten another Anniversary Burger, but in the spirit of trying other non-bovine meats, I ordered instead one of two new menu items, the buffalo burger ($9.95). To cover our bases, my friend sampled the other new item, the lean ground turkey burger ($8.95). And since sharing is caring, we split each in half so we could try both.

Although I'm pretty sure I will not be giving up beef anytime soon, these two burgers, in addition to my fantastic experience with Sammy's camel burger, have convinced me that I should look to more exotic animals for protein.

The turkey burger was good for dinner but probably make even better lunch, given its light flavors and non-greasy texture. More seasoning or different toppings might have livened up the mild meat. If I order this burger again, I will take advantage of Skeeter's "make it your own" option and add some hickory sauce for extra spice.

The buffalo burger, on the other hand, is exactly what I like to eat at the end, rather than the middle, of a long work day, and I mean that in the best way possible. Its moist, tender meat, enriched by pungent crumbles of bleu cheese and an earthy pesto mayonnaise, was delightfully decadent. I know buffalo meat in theory has less saturated fat per ounce than regular beef, but I definitely evened out the score by adding grilled onions and the occasional dollop of queso. Both burgers came on squishy egg buns, which proved helpful in corralling the messy toppings, including some very juicy tomatoes.

After this latest visit, I think my new game plan at Skeeter's is to go "healthy" and order the buffalo burger with sweet potato fries....and then request extra pesto mayonnaise, avocado, and a side of queso (in which to dip burger and fries). Any additional calorie deficit will be made up by two frozen margaritas.

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Joanna O'Leary