Some devilish decorations on these delicious petits fours.
Some devilish decorations on these delicious petits fours.
Photo by Joanna O'Leary

Bunny Butt Petits Fours and Other Delicious Giggle-Worthy Easter Treats From Three Brothers Bakery

What's trending in Easter baked goods this year? Rabbit tushes. Bakers are eschewing traditional animal representations of Easter such as the itsy-bitsy baby chick in favor of focusing on bunny buttocks; even Pillsbury has embraced this fad.

Beloved Three Brothers Bakery has followed suit and is offering its own bunny butt baked goods in the form of whimsical petits fours. These incredibly light cake bites with a rich vanilla flavor are topped with a sweet hare derrière icing decorations. (Other adornments are available for those too modest to nibble on a bunny butt.)

Gorgeous floral dip cookies.
Gorgeous floral dip cookies.
Photo by Allison Huseman

I can definitely eat just one Lay's potato chip, especially the weird Garden Basil kind, but I cannot eat just one of these wonderful petits fours. What can I say?

Other terrific albeit less amusing Easter treats from Three Brothers Bakery include gorgeous iced sugar cookies and moist carrot layer and cupcakes.

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