Burger King Italian Chicken Sandwich: Chicken Parm On-the-Go

Chicken parmesan has never been my favorite dish mostly because I find that -- unlike sex or pizza -- when done poorly, it's really no good at all. As a result, I never order chicken parm at an Italian restaurant because I am almost always disappointed. I know where to get great chicken parm (various grandmothers' houses, mostly) so I stick with pasta or eggplant.

I have spent years scoffing at the idea that Burger King's Italian Chicken sandwich could possibly be any good at all. A fast food version of a dish that I don't even find Italian restaurants doing well? I think not, my friends. I think not.

I haven't been this happy to be wrong in a long time. And let's face it, I'm wrong a lot so it's not like I'm lacking for opportunities to be happy about it. This is one of the best fast food sandwiches I've had in a ages, and I'm extremely disappointed I didn't take up the drive-thru window guy on the limited-time Buy One, Get One offer that's going on right now at the Burger King on Westheimer. Two Italian Chicken Sandwiches for five bucks? Get thee to Burger King on Westheimer, kids.

The chicken was moist and delicious, with a nice, crispy coating of flavorful Italian breadcrumbs; none of that weird, gristly meat you sometimes encounter. The marinara was more pizza-style than pasta-style tomato sauce -- I definitely wouldn't want it on my ziti -- and was applied to both the top and bottom of the sesame seed bun, offering the sandwich both great flavor and additional moisture. A nice, thick layer of mozzarella was melted atop the chicken. This was a most satisfying sandwich, and even my husband (who regularly orders chicken parm at restaurants) was impressed, stating, "This doesn't just taste good, it tastes like real chicken parm!"

Good God, I think Burger King just turned me around on chicken parmesan.

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