Fast Times

Burger King Ups the Ante with New "Pizza Burger"

My friend has a theory that fast food menus are created in boardrooms filled with college students and copious amounts of pot. I'm starting to think he may be onto something.   What other possible explanation could there be for Burger King's latest offering to the fast food landscape, the "Pizza Burger"? Because sometimes you just want it all [your way], the nine-inch burger is topped with pepperoni, mozzarella, Tuscan pesto and marinara sauce and cut into six slices, "so that the snack looks and feels like a pizza," or so that it can more easily be wedged into your big, fat, gluttonous pie-hole.

The sandwich contains as much beef as four regular Whoppers, tops out at 2,550 calories, 144 grams of fat, 3,780mg of salt - basically, you're good for the next day on all counts. However, Burger King corporate representatives want to stress that the Pizza Burger was created as "a meal to be shared." Shared with a small village. However, if the Pizza Burger is your fast food fantasy incarnate, it will cost you a slightly more than the $12.99 suggested retail to make it your own. The sandwich is available exclusively at Burger King's Whopper Bar in New York's Times Square.

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Lauren Marmaduke
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