I love flirting with bartenders. Some are there to earn their tips and go home, and some just love their jobs and make me feel pretty. I hit the jackpot with Jefferson Bryan, bartender in residence at Cafe Adobe (2111 Westheimer, 713-528-1468). He suggested their signature margarita, but I opted for the El Patrón, and when Jefferson winked I knew I had made the right choice. We whined about the weather, and he confessed he had just moved from Austin because the love of his life asked him to. I asked him how he ended up with a last name for a first name, and he simply stated "dead relatives." We went on to talk about how police get a kick out of his name at four in the morning. We both agreed that nothing positive ever comes from talking to police at four in the morning. After some more laughs and my second El Patrón, I wanted to give him an award for bartender of the year.

2 ounces Patrón tequila

1 ounce Cointreau

Margarita mix

Mix all three together, salt the rim and enjoy.

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