Cafe Moustache: Not the Place for Crepes. But These Places Are

It's safe to say that outside of being able to drink a lot of wine on the cheap during happy hour, I don't understand the allure of Cafe Moustache, the subject of this week's cafe review.

At risk of piling on any further, one of the most obnoxious sticking points at this French-style cafe in Montrose is the lack of good crepes. It's not that the kitchen is trying and failing to make crepes; rather, they're just scraping pre-made spongiform discs onto a plate and covering them with syrup.

What are you doing running a French restaurant when you can't even be bothered to make crepes?

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Rather than aggravate myself further despairing over this question, I'm choosing instead to today to focus on the restaurants in town that do make crepes correctly. No pre-made crepes made this list.

Melange Creperie

At the top of the pile, and not just because EOW blogger John Seaborn Gray can be found at the Westheimer crepe stand most days, is Melange Creperie, a true creperie after the French fast-food fashion. It may seem hard to believe, but Melange and its owner Buffalo Sean have been dishing up crepes since late 2009, veritable old-timers in the street food scene. The crepes are made to order here and the ingredients change by the day, keeping with what's in season and what Sean was able to buy at local farmers' markets. Of course, the old standby -- bananas and Nutella -- is always available.

CoCo's Crepes & Coffee

Again, hard to believe, but this little creperie has been going strong since 2006 and remains one of the most popular tenants in this urban development along West Gray. And although Eric Gerber once said that "real men don't eat crepes," even he admitted a soft spot for them at CoCo's, especially when filled with Moroccan sausage and enjoyed on the patio.

La Mia

Crepe-maker Pierre Vomero is behind the batter at this new restaurant just outside Memorial Park. You'll get a true sense of the crepe -- which means "curled" in its original Latin form, crispa -- at La Mia, where the pancakes have a soft interior and alluringly crispy exterior that curls elegantly around fillings like spinach, mushrooms and goat cheese.

Brasserie Max & Julie

Although it's difficult not to order the gaufre salée (savory waffle) with creamed spinach, lardons and a poached egg for brunch at Brasserie Max & Julie, the crepes are equally good here, the local farmer's honey and lemon zest crepe being my personal favorite. And there's just something about dining in the thoroughly French bistro that almost demands you order one -- even if it's for dessert.

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