Caffeine Deficiency? Call the Coffee Ambulance

Katz Coffee Company just bought a new "Transit" van and outfitted it with flashing safety lights and a wacky paint job. They call this high-profile delivery vehicle "the coffee ambulance." Katz custom-roasts proprietary blends for some of Houston's top restaurants, including t'afia, benjy's and Empire Coffee. Its mellow, medium-dark espresso blend, which I discovered while reviewing Giacomo's, is one of my favorite espressos.

I saw the coffee ambulance when I stopped by Katz's roasting plant at 1003 W. 34th St. just west of Shepherd in Garden Oaks yesterday. You can buy fresh-roasted coffee at Katz's plant at an excellent price. I got some Katz's Bayou Blend, an organic Fair Trade coffee for $9 a pound, at the plant. Part of the profits from this coffee go to the Buffalo Bayou Partnership.

Robb Walsh
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