California Pizza Kitchen's

I meet up with a sexy biologist on a Saturday night at California Pizza Kitchen (1705 Post Oak Boulevard #A, 713-963-9262), hoping by the end of the night she'll be teaching me all about her anatomy. But it appears I've picked the wrong place to negotiate a tutoring session, because the scene screams Chuck E. Cheese's. What seems like hundreds of Gallerian children have taken over the place, running around, yelling, crying and doing all the things spoiled brats do to distract an upstanding citizen like me from the task at hand: getting laid. Despite all the annoyances, California Pizza Kitchen can be a great place to grab "healthy" pizza and sample the sort of drinks that corporate pseudo-gourmet pizzerias are making these days. The food is excellent and, as luck would have it, so are the drinks. After a couple of "mango mango mojitos," I completely forget that there's a toddler using the back of our booth as a jungle gym, or that a baby has just vomited at the table next to us. I decide it's time to regroup and suggest we continue our conversation in a more suitable setting, like…her bedroom. Check, please.

1/2 ounce Mount Gay mango rum

Splash Torani mango syrup

3 ounces club soda

4 mint leaves

1 ounce lime juice

Combine club soda, Mount Gay (snicker), Torani, lime juice and mint leaves in a rocks glass. Call a babysitter and leave the kids at home. There's important scientific work to be done.

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Chris Boyd