Calling All Matts! Get a Free Burger on Saturday in Support of Schaub

It was the pick six heard 'round the world. When Texans quarterback Matt Schaub threw a game-losing interception with just over five minutes to go in the Texans-Seahawks game two weeks ago, fans had had enough.

First came the jersey burning, and then the infamous "Pick Six" burger, in which a Skeeter's Grill employee created the Matt Schaub Special: Pick six toppings for your burger...and pay for it dearly.

Sadly, Sunday night's game against the 49ers wasn't much better. Let's just say it hasn't been Schaub's best couple of weeks.

But that's not to say he doesn't have any local support. The owners of Little Bitty Burger Barn are hoping this Saturday's special will boost his morale.

Tomorrow, in honor of the Texans QB, the restaurant will be offering a free quarter-pound basic burger to anyone named Matt or Matthew (or Mateo or Matthieu, or any other version of the name). The special runs all day long, so if you've never had Little Bitty Burger Barn's delectable burgers (and your name is Matt), now's the time to try them. Bring a photo ID.

Heck, why don't we all lighten up on Schaub and eat some good burgers, regardless of what crappy name our parents gave us.

Let's go, Texans!

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