Canned Curry

After a recent trip to Asia Market, we were curious to try some all-in-one green curry we found there. It had the lime, the bamboo, everything -- so we picked up a couple of cans (to the tune of $1.29 apiece) and headed home to attempt dinner. We had chicken breast at home in the fridge, and the allure of lazy curry with the possibility of awesomeness made this very exciting.

At home, we prepared the curry to directions with a pot of jasmine rice cooking at the same time. We cheated a little and added some peas to the mix so it looked just like on the label. We left the lid off to simmer, as directed, and walked off for no more than about five minutes, which we figured would be enough time to cook the chicken pieces thoroughly (it said three minutes or until chicken is done). When we came back, we were greeted with a great-smelling, but weird-looking, separated green curry-like mass. The coconut milk stuff had transformed into some oil/green paste floaties, and almost all the liquid was gone. We cut open a piece of chicken and it was done, so we made a bowl to eat anyway.

The taste was pretty decent, despite the weirdness, although we wished it was hotter (this was American-hot, not Thai-hot). Would we try it again? Maybe with some extra chili sauce and a little bit of desperation (it's a pretty decent pantry food), but not for our everyday curry.

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Becky Means