Captivating Crepes

Street vendors in Houston are like championship sports teams: They're rare, they're captivating, and we'd sure like more of 'em around town. That's why we were so ecstatic to find Melange Creperie workin' the corner of Studewood and 10½ Street last Saturday in honor of Lights in the Heights.

Shielded behind a clever sign announcing "CREPES," Melangie Creperie is run by Buffalo Sean, a mellow kind of guy who first learned how to make crepes via YouTube before heading to Paris to perfect his skills. Lest you think the guy doesn't know his industry, he'll amiably talk your ear off about the business and pleasures of crepes, and he sure makes a mean one, too.

There's no regular menu -- whatever's fresh is whatever you'll find. Saturday's line-up featured the classic banana-Nutella, a new sweet berry cream, a savory country ham and cheddar, and a vegetarian offering with zucchini, red peppers and basil pesto. Each paper-thin crepe was cooked to a light crunch and made to order with gorgeously fresh produce. Even the pesto is homemade. The final foil-wrapped package is a tasty dream that warms your belly like a well-executed game plan.

In the next couple of weeks, Buffalo Sean plans to set up his crepe camp regularly, from 7 to11 a.m., on Westheimer in front of Mango's Café. Seek him out -- it's worth it.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.