Carry On: Five Meals You Can Bring on a Plane

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3. Crudités with hummus

If you hate hummus, substitute the dip of your choice. And if tons of veggies is more of a snack than a meal for you, you might want to consider supplementing it with a granola bar, cheese, bread, olives, etc. Bringing dip on a plane is not foolproof -- the 3-1-1 TSA regulation requiring gels and liquids to be three-ounce or less and to fit into a one-quart resealable plastic bag means you may have to fit the hummus in with your carry-on liquids. On her way back to New York after a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska, my mom had her ranch dressing confiscated by TSA because she packed the dip in with her veggies, not her liquids, and it wouldn't fit in her one-quart liquid bag. If they make you toss your dip, you can always settle for something an airport restaurant has on hand for back-up. For travel I like veggies that you can whittle into sticks (as opposed to trees, like broccoli and cauliflower): carrots, peppers, celery, and cucumbers, as well as endive leaves and snap peas.

2. Salads with beans, and pasta or grains

Same situation as the hummus, above--if you don't want to dress your salad ahead of time, make sure you bring it in a 3 oz. container and that it fits in with your other carry-on liquids and gels. Better safe than a sorry, dry salad.

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Christina Uticone