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Celebrate International Bacon Day Tomorrow With Houston's 8 Craziest Bacon Dishes

Tomorrow is International Bacon Day. In honor of everyone's favorite fatty strip of pig, we're bringing you some of Houston's Most Outrageous Bacon Dishes.

Country-Fried Bacon: BRC Gastropub's Deviled Eggs w/ Country-Fried Bacon.

Leave it up to a Big Red Cock to take a piece of humble bacon, chicken-fry it and throw it on top of deviled eggs dusted with smoked paprika and topped with fried oysters. That's a clusterfuck if we've ever seen one.

Limited Edition Bacon: Brennan's of Houston's Creole Spiced Filet w/ Bacon & Tomato Jam

How do you make a juicy as all hell, beautiful filet of beef ten times better? Top it with bacon jam, of course! Imagine a slow-cooked mix of Roma tomatoes, crushed garlic, sautéed shallots and crumbled bacon. This beef and bacon love child is being served up for the remainder of HRW, but thankfully, Brennan's, the angels that they are, have shared with us their recipe. Now we can stuff ourselves with b&t jam any time we please. Thanks, guys!

Boozy Bacon: Beaver's Squealin' Mary

Have a hangover? How about a little hair of the dog pig? The Beaver's crew takes a brunch favorite, the Bloody Mary, and spices it up with house-made vodka steeped with bacon fat and chunks of bacon. Next they line the glass with a sugar and bacon salt rim before finishing it all off with a candied strip of, wait for it...bacon! Say goodbye to that headache...and your dignity.

New Classic Bacon: Cafe Brasil BLT

At this cafe, the classic bacon-centric sandwich is elevated by fresh focaccia or ciabatta bread, tangy blue cheese, herbed aioli, spicy red onion and of course, fatty, crisp bacon.

Sweet and Not-So-Innocent Bacon: Frosted Betty's Maple Bacon Cupcakes

This food truck takes a maple-flavored cupcake and tops it with a sweet and salty maple-bacon frosting. Let's face it -- life doesn't get much better than that.

Deep-fried Bacon: The Burger Guys' Cleveland Dog

They may be called The Burger Guys, but these guys make a hell of a hot dog, too. Take the Cleveland Dog: a bacon-wrapped, deep-fried hot dog topped with a Lawnmower Ale mustard. Feeling randy? Add on some of their house-made bacon onion jam.

Jean-busting Bacon: Jus' Mac's Bacon Bliss

Macaroni and cheese is the be-all, end-all of comfort foods. Jus' Mac knows that..and they know how to step your mama's mac up a notch. Take the piping-hot crock of cheesy macaroni, add in gooey mozzarella and toss it all with thick chunks of slab bacon. Bam! Your jeans no longer fit.

Cold & Creamy Bacon: Eatsie Boy's She's Crafty Salted Caramel & Bacon Ice Cream

The Eatsie Boys food truck is never short on flavor, and their caramel, bacon-topped ice cream proves just that. The sweet and salty dish is always a fan fave.

Happy bacon-hunting!

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