Celestial Sandwiches - Day Five

Here it is -- our final installment of celestial sandwiches. And though with this entry we now have listed 25 big ones, we didn't even mention all of our favorites. Yes, that's how much we love sandwiches. If you haven't seen them yet, here's Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's. Did we miss any of your most loved choices?

Turkey and brie at Kraftsmen Baking - Nestled into an ivy-covered storefront on Montrose, Kraftsmen is among the most serene lunch locales in the city. Each sandwich on the menu features a little something extra, but the best part, of course, is that all of them are built on the fantastically tasty Kraftsmen bread, baked fresh daily. The turkey sandwich is a mound of fresh meat topped with melting brie cheese, creamy avocado, and crisp bacon, served on the bakery's own poppy rolls. Trust us: It's a heaven-sent combo that'll go devilishly fast.

Grilled salmon on sourdough at Central Market - The sandwich bar at Central Market is quite frenzied during weekday lunch hours, prolly because the sandwiches here are deliciously filling. Though they may seem expensive at first, once you receive your gigantor manwich, you'll realize it could easily serve two. Our favorite is the grilled salmon sandwich with Swiss cheese, red onion, capers and Dijon on grilled sourdough. The salmon is lightly grilled -- and you know the produce is spring-fresh.

Grilled pimento cheese with tomato at Zoe's - Zoe's might not win any culinary awards, but it's certainly a nice option for a weekday lunch. Among the menu's best offerings is the pimento cheese sandwich, which they will grill upon request. Do it -- and add tomatoes. The pimento cheese is deliciously creamy and complemented well by both the acidity of the tomatoes and the added crunch of the toasted bread. It's rich, though, so you might want to split this one with a friend.

New Orleans-style shrimp po' boy at Tony Mandola's - Tony Mandola's isn't your standard Cajun deli. In fact, it's a white-linen restaurant in the heart of River Oaks. However, among the staple fish dishes is an outstanding po' boy that gets little-to-no recognition around town. Fluffy bread and gorgeous shrimp taste just as great as they do in the hole-in-the-wall joints, and this po' boy is served with crisp French fries and Cajun coleslaw. Yum.

BLT at Shandy's Café - For those of you who worship at the house of bacon, you'll find one of the best BLTs in Houston at Shandy's Café on Memorial. Served warm on whole wheat toast, this version features chipotle mayo to spice up the crispy bacon, sheets of lettuce and fresh tomatoes. You'd be well-advised to sample your way through the menu, but the BLT will become a beacon, forever guiding you back into its arms of potable joy.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.