Celestial Sandwiches - Day Three

This week we're offering up 25 of our favorite sandwiches. Below is today's list. And if you haven't seen them yet, here's Monday's and Tuesday's.

Breakfast sandwich at La Guadalupana - The breakfast sandwich, in general, is much less popular than the breakfast taco -- yet no less awesome. La Guadalupana's affable owner Trancito Diaz was once a pastry chef at the Houston Country Club, so you know that his breakfast sandwich -- a spicy omelet served in a flaky homemade croissant -- rules. What a fabulous way to start the day.

Junior roast beef and cheddar on whole wheat at Nielsen's - Housed in what was once clearly a doughnut shop, Nielsen's is a Houston institution. And while the egg salad is popular, we truly love the junior roast beef and cheddar. It's called "junior" because there's less meat, which is a nice option to have (though the regular costs only a few cents more). Don't forget to ask for plenty of Nielsen's famous "yellow sauce," the celestial housemade mayonnaise.

Honey ham and brie at Carter & Cooley - We love that the staff at Carter & Cooley claims that they craft every sandwich "as though it were the only sandwich we were going to make." The honey ham and brie sandwich is large, packed with fresh-sliced meat and accoutrements, and served on thick slices of onion bread. You can truly tell it was made with love. (Or maybe that's just the brie talking...)

Special Muffaletta from Rajun Cajun - We'll be honest: The muffaletta is not our favorite sandwich. But somehow we fell blindly in love with the Special Muffaletta from Ragin Cajun. It's gorgeous -- they start with fresh Italian meats like salami and mortadella, add sliced provolone cheese, top it off with olive mix spread, and then bake it until everything melts all over the place. Salty, gooey, yummy love.

Falafel sandwich at Jerusalem Halal Deli - We recently discovered the small food counter nestled in the back of the Jerusalem Halal grocery and meat market, and it has quickly become our favorite falafel around. This one's more of a wrap than a sandwich, but we love the soft pita bread, hearty falafel, and spicy sauce. A few notes of lettuce give it just the right crunch -- and pickles add a distinct sweetness. Messy, tasty, wondrous love.

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Ruthie Johnson
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